my mom told me to put the dog to bed but didn’t specify which bed 

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The official anthem of Real Madrid.

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Alex Turner accepting GQ’s Band of the Year Award [x]

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“I just want to prove that I can play here and prove I have the talent to help this great club.”
— James Rodriguez (via teamcristiano)

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Anonymous requested: Mesut being cute

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real madrid club de futbol more like real madrid club de midfielders 


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perhaps it’s petty of me to focus on things like this, but it saddens me that James gets to wear the number 10

I really wanted that to be Isco’s number, and that was supposed to be Isco’s number. 
It easily could & should have been his last season if Isco himself had not rejected the number (temporarily) out of respect to the club’s history & awareness of the post-Mesut-gate fuckeries (aka when Isco himself said that Mesut’s transfer & our sudden loss of a beloved no.10 had left a bad taste in everyone’s mouth)

also….with the absurd transfer fee we paid for James, we probably easily COULD AND SHOULD have (this seems to be the overarching opinion of mine on most Real Madrid-transfer related things) given Angelito - who, after Gareth Bale was brought in, not only worked hard to fight for his position at Real Madrid, but fluorished in a new role to become one of our BEST & MOST CRUCIAL PLAYERS of the season - a well-deserved payraise to keep him here. Over an untested & overhyped James

but kermit_tea_sipping.png

EH. Welcome to James I guess. I really like James as a player but I’m once again, squicked out by what it signifies for our players and our team and the sacrificing of meritocracy & loyalty for Florentino Perez’s shopaholic habits

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James Rodriguez is presented as a Real Madrid player | 22-07-14

James Rodriguez is presented as a Real Madrid player | 22-07-14

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James is using Mesut’s former number. I need a moment to get myself together.

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“I’m happy to be here, it’s a dream come true. I hope to give a lot of joy, and I hope to win many titles here. Hala Madrid!”
— James Rodriguez (via merengues1902)

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Bienvenido James Rodríguez.

Bienvenido James Rodríguez.

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So I just got off work and found out one my friend’s has passed away. Crazy. I know it’s summer so I don’t see most of my friends but I still remember my last encounters with most of them. We were in the same organization and had weekends when we would hang out at her apt with other mutual friends. I’m still trying to process that she’s now gone and I won’t see her face at meetings or going to class. 

It’s surreal that you’re here one moment but can be gone the next. I just want my all my friends to know that I deeply care about all of you.

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