Dov'è la Vittoria?
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If you don’t like Luka Modric, something’s wrong with you. What a player.
The first decent thing my commentators have said all night. (via dcwney)
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The last 2 minutes of that match were the most intense out of the whole match.

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In comes VARANE.

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Saoirse Ronan as Agatha in The Grand Budapest Hotel (x)

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it’s never safe until it’s 4-0 and there’s 5 seconds left

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#thanks baby jesus #real madrid

Bless baby Jesus for Iker Casillas.

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It’ll never be the same as it is here. It can never be the same, but we can have a good crack at it.

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Tomorrow is Real Madrid v Bayern Munich


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#idk if im ready #doing all my hw rn to be free tomorrow

Having to watch Pretty Woman for my presentation in class tomorrow. What in the world.

#only person that dislikes Julia Roberts #my life
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